Sunday, May 17, 2009


I have abandoned this blog and started another.
Who knows why- but if you want to check out our family...go to In A Nut Shell

See you there-

Sunday, January 25, 2009

We are still kickin'

If you are still checking- then you must love me awhole lot, (or you have a bit too much extra time). I have given up on blogging, though I still enjoy checking others. It took me 10 min just to sign in; I had forgotten my password. I figured that Sadie- cute as she is- might appreciate a break from holding that position over the grocery cart and being the first thing anyone sees on my blog.
So here we are in 2009. The Bayles Bunch are expanding (baby girl due in April) and happy. We don't have much to tell except that we are pretty blessed. Maybe that is why I don't blog anymore; there is not much I feel I can add to the big, wide, blogosphere. We get through the days and count each smile and snicker and nap as the blessings they are.
If I do start to blog again- I will start all over. You will see an new and improved site, complete with pictures and stolen creativity. My very wise sister-in-law reminded me the other day that there are people around us (outside of our all consuming daily bubble) who love us and need us. Sometimes it's just easier to shut everything else out but what is wiggling and screaming right in front of me. I take great comfort in knowing there are angels out there who go through the same days as I do and that every once in a while we can connect and give a spark that will help us through until the next once in a while. Thank you for that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Little Sis

I have a sister.
She is fun.
Mostly she's just is funny.
We don't hang out much; but when we do- I always end up laughing out loud.
Our last adventure took us to Sam's Club on a lonely Wednesday night. We are two mature almost adults going grocery shopping at the local surplus store. No big deal.
Until Sadie decides she would rather ride than walk ("those babies have it made, I'm doing this their way!") So I watch in hysterics as my 13 year old sister climbs on in.

Sadie attempting to climb into the grocery buggy

Sadie happily settled in the grocery buggy

I could not take pictures of her getting out because I was laughing too hard, and I had to lift her out myself. I guess they should put an age limit on those things. How else are other mature adults going to know that they don't get to ride?
I love hanging out with my nutty sister.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Camping- in style

I love to camp. I love to be pampered. I never really thought the two went together. But at our girls camp we were all spoiled. It was a resort outside of San Antonio, that was really nice. The cabins were very nice, with comfortable beds and all the amenities. The food was fantastic- served to us three times a day. The horseback riding, lounging at the pool and even serenading around the fire by professionals combined to make a pretty sweet vacation for me.
What ever happened to the girls camp of my childhood; sleeping bags, and cots. Fires, that we built and food that we cooked and suffering and latrines? Camping is not supposed to be cushy. I will admit that being a leader had drawbacks. So much drama! I had forgotten living with little children, how much there is to complain about as a teenager- even at a resort. It was time away from my life into a completely different one of young women and their suffering. My response to 90% of all their wining became DWI (deal with it!). And yet it did give me ample time to see these girls as they will one day become. It was humbling to see such strength and fear together. It was a once in a lifetime experience that I'm not sure I'm ready to repeat anytime soon.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

We are being attacked with cuteness


AHHHHHHHHHH! She's comming for you next. Just open your arms and welcome all that cuteness in.
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To blog or not to blog...


I can't help myself. I have held off for quite awhile... but my kids are too cute, my house is too mine, and my fingers are bored. So BLOG ON! and where it goes from here- no one can know. Pictures of the house are comming. really.
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Monday, April 7, 2008

It's all a blur

If anyone does check this site any more- I have a huge apology.
I've become so lost in the frenzy of our life that blogging no longer seems to find a space. I had pictures from Easter and our short lived new pets and new hair cuts and Gran and Grandad fun- but I have packed all the wires that connect the camera to the computer. I just can't find the time to blog adequately between the packing of junk and showing of house, and wiping of noses and meeting with agents and all that other stuff we all do every day. I do love to stay in touch, but I'm currently out of touch. Sorry. I will probably be shutting down this blog soon. I don't need the reminded guilt of another thing I'm not doing.
So if you are reading- it was nice while it lasted, but with our move next week- some things are are more important than my personal computer time. Fangs for the memories.